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Turn your ICT infrastructure into a business asset

The ICT (Information and Communications Technology) infrastructure of a business is something that is often overlooked and developed in a general ad hoc manner. Whilst this approach means that the immediate needs of a business are met, it often results in long-term problems such as over-provisioning, siloed IT systems, and outdated hardware.

Surrey Geeks’s network consultancy services are ideal for companies who want to tap into the value-added benefits of a properly planned ICT infrastructure. When properly planned an implemented, ICT infrastructure can be a powerful business asset, improving productivity and ensuring continuity by providing an IT roadmap for the future so that issues such as aging hardware and new technologies can be seamlessly managed as part of a larger plan.

How we can help

Purposeful Design

Surrey Geeks can project manage the overhaul of your infrastructure to ensure that each artifact is implemented with a function-first intent.

Smarter Investment

Stop over-provisioning and only buy the hardware you need. Our IT consultants can help you determine which products and deployment methods are best suited to the needs of your business, and which upgrades can be bypassed to create a streamlined network that is configured to your operational requirements.

Infrastructure Management

We can create a road-map of your future IT expansion requirements so that when upgrades or additions are required, our team is able to project manage the whole process.

Risk Management

Our experienced team can investigate your network security preparedness and identify vulnerabilities that could leave your data assets exposed. Once weaknesses are identified, we act to mitigate your risk exposure.


With an Surrey Geeks intake assessment, we can provide guidance on the allocation of resources, as well as make investment recommendations and identify vulnerabilities. These recommendations then form the basis of your IT strategy.


As part of the auditing process, we collate all the necessary documentation for administering your network. This snapshot of your current environment allows your business to centralize information and act as a point of reference for future technical troubleshooting.

Why Choose Surrey Geeks?

20 years of experience

Surrey Geeks has been helping Surrey businesses establish and manage their IT infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience behind us, Surrey Geeks is well placed to advise your company on the right IT solutions for your business needs.

Integrated IT solutions

Surrey Geeks offer a comprehensive range of business IT services including managed solutions, cloud computing, CRM, disaster recovery, VoIP, IT support, MDM and security management. Partnering with a single organization that can manage all your IT requirements ensures the systems in your network are properly integrated, eliminates double handing, and centralizes support.

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