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We provide full range of iMac repair services. Our aim is to deliver a solution to your iMac repair needs with the best turnaround and processional service. Our expert technicians have many decades of combined experience and are here to help you with anything Apple and beyond! We love supporting and helping our customers get the most our of their technology.

  • iMac Screen Repairs | Replacement
    • Remove and replace your cracked LCD | LED screen
    • Remove and replace cracked Front Glass
  • iMac Graphic Card Repairs
    • Repair graphic chip without replacing a new graphic card or Repair display chipset
  • iMac RAM Upgrade | Replacement
    • Remove the faulty RAM from your iMac
    • Upgrade new RAM for your iMac
  • iMac Hard Disk Drive Upgrade | Replacement
    • Remove your faulty HDD
    • Install a brand new HDD
    • Reinstall Mac OS X (Optional)
    • Data Back up and transfer (Optional)
  • iMac Logic Board Repairs | Replacement
    • Repair or replace your old iMac Logical Board
  • iMac Power Module Repairs | Replacement
    • Remove burned or broken power supply module
    • Repair or replace new iMac Power Supply Module
  • iMac Super Drive Repairs | Replacement
    • Repair or replace your iMac SuperDrive (Optical Drive)
  • iMac parts Replacement | Upgrade
    • Assess your need and recommend the most suitable option for you
    • Individual parts removed and installation
  • iMac Data Recovery / Backup

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